REASONS Why Cebu, Philippines is Good for Investment

• Its channel is deep enough to accommodate the flow of goods through international cargo sea vessels, and the Mactan island serves as protection from winds and current
• Cebu’s weather promises to be good for business because typhoon activities are minor and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year
• The island is not located within any earthquake belt
• There is no known active volcano
• Cebu's International airport has been large enough to connect the island to several continents
• Minutes away from business establishments, 5 star hotels and exciting beach/diving resorts
• Public administrators have been known to be development-oriented, steering Cebu to greater heights by putting in place infrastructure facilities needed for economic growth
• Cebu has at least 9 economic zones, that offer to cut bureaucratic red tape by providing a much easier system for investors, plus incentives
• No. 1 in good fiscal management: it ranks highest among the country’s provinces in terms of assets and cash in bank
• No. 1 because of the current unity that has never before been seen in any province: unity among elected officials, unity among business groups, unity among its people, and unity between the private and public sectors
• Many universities and other educational institutions that serve as magnet to students from other provinces and scholars from other countries
• Filled with highly skilled and efficient manpower resources
• Good Culture of professionalism and craftsmanship among its people
• Only Destinations where resorts-area is close to city limits
• 2009 Top destination in the Philippines
• 2007, 2008, 2009 Conde Vast Traveler Magazine Top Island Destination
• 2010 Best Honeymoon Destination World Travel Fair, Shanghai
• 2010 3rd best island in Asia

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